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Our mission

Make an effort for a cleaner world

TRS's policy has always been, since our foundation, to invest in R&D. Quality is the end result of a consistent innovation of our projects and technologies, which allows us to carry out low environmental impact interventions. Passion, experience, research and constant training are our professionalism's guarantee.

TRS has adopted, pursuant to Legislative Decree number 231/2001, the "Organization, Management and Control Model", aimed at preventing certain crimes, indicated by the legislation itself like, for example, crimes against the Public Amministration, crimes of manslaughter and serious or very serious negligent injuries, committed in violation of accident prevention regulations and assurance of workers' hygiene and health, and environmental crimes. The Model asks for the implementation of a preventive control system, articulated in specific protocols that, togheter with the already existing and applied procedures, are aimed at guiding the work of the subjects that operate in the riskiest of the company's processes.

Following the Model guidelines, TRS adopted the so called "Ethic Code", a document which explains the firm's general principles and behavioral rules. It also represents a way for the firm to help reaching the socio-economic development of the territory and citizens, following laws and principles of loyalty and fairness, through organization and delivery of its business activities.

Model 231 Ethic Code


TRS is a polyfunctional platform based in Caorso built to receive, store and manage safely special liquid and solid waste, optimizing the flows to the main recovery, reuse and/or disposal plants (italian and european).